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Louise Carlin

Business Development Manager

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Louise Carlin

Louise Carlin

Business Development Manager

I am a Business Development Manager here at Your Travel (and self-appointed chief tea maker!). I have a varied career background but travel is something that I have always been fond of. I love to explore scenic landscapes and have a desire to experience more cultures. My love of history also mixes well with travel.

Some of my favourite travels include New York, Las Vegas and our very own Kent Coast. However, some of my most memorable holidays were in the Scottish Highlands – maybe my love for this area has something to do with some Scottish ancestry in the Carlin tree! That aside, scenery in Scotland is honestly unlike anywhere else in the world. Some of my dream travels include a trip to Mexico to see the Volkswagen Beetle Taxis (I’m a long-term fan of a Beetle!) and then off to Cuba for some authentic salsa dancing! On the other hand, I would one day like to take my two young boys to Disneyland California to enjoy the theme parks. Whilst in California it would be great to explore the beaches of the West Coast, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.



Louise Carlin “Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.”

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As PA to 5 directors, all of whom have very individual travel needs & schedules, it is essential I find a travel agency able to give me the high level service I need to ensure my job is made easier, whilst offering a personal approach & even managing to keep up with our directors movements at all times …

Your Travel Corporate do exactly that, from start to finish!

The level of care I have received when arranging corporate and even personal luxury travel with this agency really has been ‘Second to none’, saving me time and money – as a firm, we refuse to use anyone else for our corporate travel. Your Travel Corporate have helped me arrange even the most detailed & specific itineraries and have never let me down once! Thoroughly impressed and they will forever have a loyal customer in us“

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