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Michael Weight

Corporate Account Manager

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Michael Weight

Michael Weight

Corporate Account Manager

I’ve worked in the travel industry for just over fifteen years, and what a fantastic fifteen years it’s been! I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the most amazing places in the world. I’ve also been able to experience wonderful hospitality in some of the world’s best hotels.

My role within the travel industry at the age of nineteen was predominantly assisting with leisure travel. I enjoyed this and it allowed me to learn new skills and gain knowledge which is invaluable within this industry. However, my true passion for travel came when I took a new path around ten years ago and explored the corporate travel sector.  Dealing with PA’s, EA’s, company executives and directors all of which require the highest level of service. I soon realised I was excelling within business travel and have never looked back since.

This passion for business travel has led me to Your Travel Corporate where I bring a wealth of experience. Whether it’s arranging a last minute flight for a client to attend a meeting, a PA/EA within an organisation requires me to arrange all overseas travel for his/her company or simply good old fashioned advice is required, I’m on hand to assist.


Michael Weight Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. Bill Bradley

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Working within the entertainment sector to provide the ultimate in flexibility and service as well a proactive approach towards account management. In 2016 a trans-Atlantic artist management firm approached Your Travel Corporate to construct a travel plan for its UK and USA offices with an annual spend of £750,000.

Prior to working with Your Travel Corporate, the firm had contracted the services of another national travel agent. During the 12 months spent working with this agency, there were significant challenges in service delivery which led to multiple issues, lack of proactive account management and limited delivery of policy compliance.

After a problematic year, the firm took the decision to move away from their substandard agent and seek to engage a new agent – they chose Your Travel Corporate for several reasons;

–       The ability to work with a dedicated account manager and director, ensuring a positive relationship and understand of needs was built from the outset.

–       Our ability to understand and implement client objectives pro-actively.

–       Our personal and bespoke approach to client service.


With our unique understanding of travel management and the importance of getting it right first time, we could map out a plan to move the firms travel management to Your Travel Corporate, with adequate and well thought out milestones, ensuring that our account management team worked effectively with the firms PA, EA and account team enabling the delivery of a full operational service within 3 months. A third quarter report shows a 19% saving on travel spend and we’re pleased to say that we’ve had extremely positive feedback from our client!

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