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Sani Resort: The World’s Leading Green Resort

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Sani Resort in Halkidiki, Greece has recently been named the World’s Leading Luxury Green Resort by the World Travel Awards. Not for the first time, but for the third consecutive year in a row. The resort consists of five hotels, each with a dedicated beach and spa facility and over 35 bars and restaurants. The Michelin starred gastronomy offers a multitude of international cuisines as well as an abundance of options for children, vegetarians and vegans and gluten free. Sani Resort prides itself on being a family friendly location. For this reason, children’s menus are curated by the British child, baby and family recipe author Annabel Karmel.

Now that we have briefly acquainted you with the luxurious Sani Resort, let’s get into the important details that make this astounding property the World’s Leading Green Resort.

Rooted in Nature

Sani Resort covers 1,000 acres of nature reserve, sitting at the intersection of three worlds: the sea, forest and wetlands. The wetlands are home to over 225 species of birds, many of which are rare or globally endangered. Preserving the local biodiversity is high on the agenda, with projects focussing on protection and education. Since 2013, the resort has seen an increase of 680% in birdwatching tours. In 2019 alone, there were over 3,400 guests participate in their eco excursion.

The forest is an old-growth Aleppo pine ecosystem. Sani Resort work closely with the Forest Research Institute to preserve the forest and its trails as well as its wildlife and the wetlands that surround it. Guests are invited to add a €1 donation to their bill at checkout which helps the Sani Forest even further and the resort pledge to double that donation. The resort give back to other forests too, notably planting over 10,000 trees in forests destroyed by devastating fires.

Sani Resort are proud of their position on the Aegean Sea, with seven beautiful Blue Flag beaches. The pledge to protect it includes the observation and recording of marine dolphin populations in Halkidiki. There are also eco events held around the matter of plastic pollution.

Charity and Community

As a keen supporter of the local community, Sani Resort donate to local charities and aid local projects. Consequently, new village library’s, playgrounds and churches have been erected with some thanks to Sani Resort. In addition to this, the resort use local growers for over 60% of the produce used in the kitchens of their 27 restaurants. Ingredients include fragrant pine honey directly from the forest and truffle and wild mushrooms from the Halkidiki mountains.

‘Land Of Grace’ is a range of produce sold at the restaurants and shops of the resort and plays a critical part of Sani’s sustainability programme. The range includes the above mentioned honey and truffles in jars as well as local wine and olives. Produce is exclusively bought from local artisans and vineyards with all profits from the sales donated to local food banks.

The Sani Animal Rescue programme is a collaboration by the resort and Halkidiki Animal Rescue. The programme is dedicated to re-homing stray animals in the Halkidiki region. Cats and dogs are vetted, vaccinated and cared for until a home arises for them. It is very often a home with a Sani guest from around the world!

Green Operations

Sani Resort really commit to sustainability, with a goal of a zero carbon footprint in 2023. In 2021, Sani Resort recycled over 219 tonnes of glass and ensured all EU listed single use plastics were banned. Across all recycled materials, over 460 tonnes are recycled by the resort annually. This is helped by an in-room recycling bin across all accommodations and rooms in the resort. Waste prevention is a key pillar in the sustainability pledge and it is closely monitored and inspected in all departments and throughout the supply chain. The resort can safely claim that over 56% of all waste is saved from landfill and recycled.

In addition to great recycling rates, in 2020 Sani Resort was named the first Carbon Neutral Resort in Greece. Since 2019 the resort has been running on 100% renewable energy with guarantees of origin. Further plans until 2024 will see the resort invest in solar parks within the Sani area, to feed into the hotels and further increase renewable local power.

The Sani Resort really is excellence in luxury family travel, with plenty to be proud of and lots to offer. We see it as one of Greece’s very best resorts to relax in straight after intensive business in Europe. Imagine unwinding and getting back to nature in the crystal clear waters of the blue flag beaches or the earthy scents of the forests on a cliff trail. Our business travel experts can even get your family out to meet you and you can delight in educating your children on fun-filled bird watching excursions.

Give us a call today to enquire for more details.

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Sani Resort: The World’s Leading Green Resort

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