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Media Industry: Picture Perfect Travel

The wide world of Media comes with unique travel complexities. Our experience spans the full spectrum from global live shows, sporting events and festivals all the way through to journalism, broadcasting and film. Wherever you need to be, allow us to set the scene.

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When deadlines are concrete and you’ve only got one take to get your travel plan right, our diligence in the Media industry pays dividends. Leave the logistics in the capable hands of our most esteemed Business Travel Agents, available 24/7 to make sure your itinerary sticks to the script. From the first read to the red carpet, you will always receive box-office flights and hotels at the best rates with us. Utilising our strong links inside a notoriously closed-off industry, we take complication in our stride and continue to deliver a superlative service to all of our clients. Whether you’re centre-stage, on the field or behind the scenes, your travel arrangements will seamlessly flow in perfect harmony.

Landing – Media

From the boardroom to backstage, we adapt to anything

Our diversity knows no bounds when it comes to who or what we can deliver, whether you’re on a solo adventure or responsible for a tour bus full of travellers. We specialise in simplicity whilst retaining a luxury experience, finding the most appropriate methods of travel for every individual in our care. We provide cost-effective, bespoke solutions to ensure that wherever your team are coming from and going to, their every unique request has been personally taken care of by our reliable Business Travel Agents, no matter how big or small.

Universal Travel Coordination

In a modern sector that heavily relies on technology more than ever, we know that the safe passage of your invaluable cargo is as important as the experts that use it. We exclusively use the most dependable, trusted logistical suppliers in the business to move your equipment around the globe with the same pace and precision that we provide to people. From full camera crews to priceless instruments, we work tirelessly to ensure your belongings arrive intact, on time, with safety and security at the pinnacle of every journey.

Landing – Media
Landing – Media

Last minute? No problem

We know better than anyone how quickly arrangements can change in your world, so we’ve learned to master the art of buzzer-beating Business travel, available to you at the drop of a hat. Our excellent relations with major global suppliers alleviates the sting of price surges for last-minute travel, so that you can move freely at your own tempo without unwanted financial repercussions. From a sudden press conference at short notice to immediate staffing requirements at a global expo, we deliver stress-free travel to allow you to focus on the task at hand.

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