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Kai Cheesman

Trainee Business Travel Expert

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Kai Cheesman

Trainee Business Travel Expert

I have been exposed to the world of travel for as long as I can remember, holidaying abroad with family from a young age. I can recall exciting travels to Africa including Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco and many trips to and within much of Scandinavia. However, I always knew I wanted to see more of the world and travel independently or with friends.

I never pictured myself working in the travel industry until an exciting opportunity arose at Your Travel Corporate, and now, nothing else makes sense. It is a subject in life I love to talk about and I throroughly enjoy becoming more knowledgable on the subject daily. My experience working in account management has really given me the confidence to become my own person and aspire to things I previously didn’t think possible. My hopes are to grow at Your Travel Corporate alongside and contributing to the company’s growth. I’d like to expand here and manage my own team, helping them to achieve their own personal goals whilst also achieving mine, such as cruising around Dubai in my dream car, exploring Brazil and Argentina in South America or travelling to beautiful Bali or Hawaii.

Kai Cheesman Success is not final; failure is not fatal; It is courage to continue that counts.

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Kai Cheesman

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