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Business travel agency – Your Travel Corporate are here to help you and your fellow executives with all aspects of your next business trip. This may range from ad hoc return flights right up to full annual travel management, including but not limited to flights, hotels, private jets, transfers or vehicle hire and travel spend reporting. We provide business travel to a variety of industries and company sizes. No matter how much you spend on annual travel or how often you travel for business, every client receives the same high level of attentive, personal and bespoke corporate travel management service.

Corporate Travel Management – Our Concierge-Style Service

Each of our seasoned business travel experts is dedicated to our concierge-style approach. Clients are appointed a business travel management account manager who will act as a one stop source for any business trip itinerary. Our team’s expertise does not stop at just flights and hotels! We can book tables or meeting space or help with VISAs. We can help draft company travel policies and imply personal travel requirements for each passenger. No request is too complex for our experienced business travel management agency. We understand that travelling regularly for business can become tiresome. Therefore, we actively encourage you to use our personal service to tailor your business trip to suit your needs and enhance the comfort of your travels.

As part of our concierge-style approach, our UK based travel management team are available to all clients around the clock in case of an emergency. If you need a last-minute evening flight change or are experiencing inconvenient delays in a different time zone you know that we are contactable for help. When using our 24/7 assistance line you will get through to either one of our business travel agency experts or one of our directors, so you may rest assured that your emergency will be in good hands.

We genuinely care about each and every one of our clients. As reputable and reliable business travel agents UK based, our mission is threefold. Firstly, we are dedicated to ensuring your business trips run seamlessly. Secondly, we wish to make all aspects of business travel perfect for each traveller. Thirdly, we strive to save you money! Let’s go into more detail on this…

We Offer Exclusive Travel Agency Business Travel Deals

At Your Travel Corporate, we have rigorously negotiated contracts with the world’s major scheduled airlines, making us one of the best business travel agencies in the UK. This means we have access to prices you won’t find direct with the airline online. Our fantastic rates are not limited to flights either! We have substantial relationships with an extensive and ever-growing list of suppliers, including hotel groups and car hire companies, where we also benefit from exclusive deals.

The best part of our travel agency business travel service? All of these benefits and savings are passed on to you. We guarantee better service and more value than booking direct, every single time.

We specialise in Premium, Business and First Class; not to mention last minute arrangements, flexible flights, group bookings and complex, multi-stop itineraries. Each of our business travel experts has a wealth of knowledge of all major airlines and their cabins. We’re proactive with our suggestions to get you maximum upgrades at the lowest prices. Complicated itineraries do not phase us. In fact, we excel when given the chance to quote for multiple destinations with varying scheduled flights, private jets, helicopters and other modes of transfer!

We are a travel agency dedicated to business travel, and are unlike many others: we don’t charge fees when it comes to booking travel. Your team should be travelling hassle free and in comfort, whilst we save you hundreds on your business travel spend. We will not add to it.

If you would like to know more on reduced travel spends when working with Your Travel Corporate, find out how we saved Creative Resins £1,221 on a regular trip, and reduced their annual travel spend by 16%.

Common Frustrations With Business Travel Agent Companies

Are you experiencing problems with your current business travel agency? We have heard a number of frustrations from new clients moving to us over the years, including the following:

At Your Travel Corporate, we are so confident in our service that we do not feel the need to tie clients into a contract. This cannot be said for other corporate travel management companies, who allow their service to fall below standard, safe in the knowledge they have retained the client for a number of years.

Our business travel experts endeavour to pick up any incoming calls within three rings and acknowledge all emails within twenty minutes. You should feel at ease in the knowledge that your itinerary has been well received and the best possible prices are being sourced for you instantaneously.

At the start of any working relationship, we build passenger profiles for all your corporate travellers. Any programmes or schemes are inputted here from the outset and managed proficiently throughout the relationship. Another reason we build these profiles at the earliest stage is to maintain efficiency with future bookings. You will never have to repeat your travellers’ passport numbers or dietary requirements ever again! Lastly, we never increase our booking fees (because we don’t charge them on scheduled flights or hotels!) or our pricing (because we only ever beat the prices found online anyway!). We stand out among business travel agent companies because we go the extra mile for our clients.

Why You Should Make Your Travel Corporate Your Business Travel Agency Of Choice

We appreciate how busy you already are. Sourcing, organising, booking and managing company travel is a demanding and time-consuming part of your role. That is why it is essential to partner with a business travel agency you can trust: to provide you with fast and faultless quotes, an impeccable bespoke service and prices to impress your directors with!

So, if you’re in charge of your organisation’s corporate travel management, give us a call and watch us beat those prices and save you time. If you are in a contract with an ineffective agency, give us a call today. Let us see if we can help you. Visit our homepage at for further details today.

Meet the Experts

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Everything you need to know about our end-to-end travel management service

1. What is Business Travel?

1. What is Business Travel? 1. What is Business Travel?

Business travel is any travel that is provided by an employer to it’s employee/s for the purpose of it’s business, whether that be a meeting, trade event, research trip, factory visit or a company incentive. Business travel can be complex, even for just one solo business traveller navigating multiple fares, suppliers, routes or booking channels. Outsourcing help will mean that this timely task can be handled by a reliable, well-connected, industry professional who can quickly and efficiently handle every aspect of a business trip itinerary, whilst locating the best fares from their extensive network and offering start-to-finish support for your business travellers. Whether business travel is an occasional or far too regular headache, a business travel agency or travel management company is likely just what you need.

2. What is a business travel agent?

2. What is a business travel agent? 2. What is a business travel agent?

A business/corporate travel agent, or what we lovingly refer our team to as ‘Business Travel Experts’ are a collective of industry professionals who offer a service based solution for companies who outsource their business travel requirements. Typically, they will book and manage the entire life cycle of all travel bookings from start to finish and may also provide further benefits such as traveller risk management, fare procurement, invoicing, reporting and more.

3. What does a business travel agency offer?

3. What does a business travel agency offer? 3. What does a business travel agency offer?

A business travel agency, or corporate travel agency will generally offer a wide range of travel services from the obvious flights and hotels right down to out-of-house meetings and events as well as everything in between from rail, transfers and even private charter. The extensive list of services (find ours here) are geared towards saving companies valuable time and money by taking away the stress of sourcing a full business travel itinerary and leaving it in the reliable hands of an industry professional to take care of your travellers.

4. What is a travel management company (TMC)?

4. What is a travel management company (TMC)? 4. What is a travel management company (TMC)?

A travel management company is typically more comprehensive than a business travel agent. A TMC will help companies manage whole travel programmes for all employees and in some cases all of their sites across the globe. The approach from a travel management company will be more consultative and include more benefits whilst still offering all of the traditional booking services of a business travel agent. Get in touch with one of our business travel experts today to find out how our TMC services could aid your business.

5. What will this cost?

5. What will this cost? 5. What will this cost?

At Your Travel Corporate you will never be charged any additional fee’s for our service. All of the costs of your business trip are laid out clearly in your individual travel quotations.

6. Is there a contract?

6. Is there a contract? 6. Is there a contract?

We do not tie our clients into contracts because we don’t need to! The exemplary service and fare sourcing from our dedicated fast and friendly Business Travel Experts keep clients coming back.

7. What payment methods are available?

7. What payment methods are available? 7. What payment methods are available?

There are multiple options. We accept all VISA, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express and Mastercard credit and debit cards. For those clients with larger, more regular business travel requirements we tend to recommend an American Express credit account (which we can help with the set up if needed) so that the client can benefit from 30 day payment terms as well as a host of other American Express features and benefits.

8. My request is complex – what can and can’t you do?

8. My request is complex – what can and can’t you do? 8. My request is complex – what can and can’t you do?

In short, nothing is impossible. No hotel is too remote, no multi stop itinerary has too many stops, no group travel has too many travellers. Put your complex request past one of our Business Travel Experts today.

9. Why Your Travel Corporate?

9. Why Your Travel Corporate? 9. Why Your Travel Corporate?

Your Travel Corporate are a family run business travel agency, with an expert team of agents who really care about going above and beyond. Both directors are fully involved in every aspect of the business and are as available to clients as the clients own dedicated Eusiness Travel Expert. All enquiries, no matter how big or small are handled with equal priority and dedication. Should you require us, we can be available around the clock to help you and your travellers from booking to returning on their own doorstep, even if that means being on hand from a different time zone. There’s only one way to find out exactly how far we will go to carry out our prided concierge style of service, give us a call today.

10. What can you do to improve our company travel programme?

10. What can you do to improve our company travel programme? 10. What can you do to improve our company travel programme?

We can help bridge a relationship with preferred airlines or hotels on your behalf to always ensure your preferences and achieve tailored rates specifically for your business. Our Business Travel Experts can also manage any loyalty schemes such as frequent flyer or hotel point schemes, making sure that you get the most out of these at all times. Underneath all of this, your Business Travel Expert (or experts for larger clients) are always on the ball. They are passionate about getting to know you and your business so that they can always be a step ahead and know exactly what you want next before you’ve even had to ask.

Business Travel Agency Expertise From Your Travel Corporate

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