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Chloe Whelan

Corporate Account Manager

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Chloe Whelan

Corporate Account Manager

My Role at Your Travel primarily is to develop relationships with new clients. Working hard to establish their needs and preferences is vital, but then having the ability to relay this to our experienced team means that we can ensure that the client feels secure when working with us as a company.

I follow up my calls with regular contact and am available at any time via phone or email to answer questions that they may have; this way I keep them reassured and continue to update our Travel Team with their needs if changing. I work closely with both the client and team to ensure that the quotation or enquiry is converted. My greatest achievements so far would be the incredible companies met most recently…learning a different way of work and travel for these clients such as those involved in Television Production and the Financial Market.



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Very pleasant experience every time when I need assistance with travel planning or booking. Aiden Ashton, our main contact, but also all his colleagues are extremely friendly, dedicated, knowledgeable and equipped with a broad range of experience in the travel sector. Very responsive, never annoyed regardless what changes we need to make.

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