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Do you travel mid-week to the USA on business? Let Your Travel Corporate show you how to save money.


Those who travel mid-week from the UK to USA on business or otherwise, will know that it’s never cheap. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic dramatically increase their fares for mid-week travel when compared to travelling over a weekend. This means that an Economy flight to New York can be as much as £1,200+, Premium Economy can be as much as £2,500+ and Business Class, I almost don’t want to say…Business Class can be as much as £8,000+.


So, what’s the best solution to this?


The first solution is of course to change the dates of your trip to include a weekend stay and reduce your fare.

This is the solution that most companies take and for some it works very well, but there’s still potential problems with doing this. Firstly, the employee that is travelling now loses a weekend that could be better spent at home with their family. Secondly, they are now staying in the USA for a weekend, paying for two extra nights in a hotel that could be charging over £150-£200 per night and possibly having to extend their car hire duration, not to mention racking up the added expenses (fuel, food etc) whilst doing so. When you factor in these added expenses, most companies decide to send their employee out on mid-week flights and pay the premium because they quickly realise that travelling over the weekend may save £100-£200 at best when all is said and done.


However, there is a second solution…


At Your Travel Corporate, we have access to reduced fares with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic that will allow you to travel on the desired mid-week dates and dramatically reduce the cost to do so. Now I should point out that the price will never reduce as low s flying over the weekend, but when you factor in the extra cost for the added car hire duration, extra nights in a hotel and other expenses our fares can save hundreds of pounds on Economy and Premium and even thousands of pounds in Business Class.




There must be a catch, surely? Why don’t you satisfy your curiosity and contact Your Travel Corporate for a no obligation quote today. We won’t push you to book or back you into a corner. We won’t need to. We’ll simply price your trip and give you lots of reasons to book with us. Anyone can tell you how to save money, but we’re in the business of showing you how to save money!



Contact us on: 02038 054599 or email:



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What Our Clients Say

Saving our customers time and money

Working within the entertainment sector to provide the ultimate in flexibility and service as well a proactive approach towards account management. In 2016 a trans-Atlantic artist management firm approached Your Travel Corporate to construct a travel plan for its UK and USA offices with an annual spend of £750,000.

Prior to working with Your Travel Corporate, the firm had contracted the services of another national travel agent. During the 12 months spent working with this agency, there were significant challenges in service delivery which led to multiple issues, lack of proactive account management and limited delivery of policy compliance.

After a problematic year, the firm took the decision to move away from their substandard agent and seek to engage a new agent – they chose Your Travel Corporate for several reasons;

–       The ability to work with a dedicated account manager and director, ensuring a positive relationship and understand of needs was built from the outset.

–       Our ability to understand and implement client objectives pro-actively.

–       Our personal and bespoke approach to client service.


With our unique understanding of travel management and the importance of getting it right first time, we could map out a plan to move the firms travel management to Your Travel Corporate, with adequate and well thought out milestones, ensuring that our account management team worked effectively with the firms PA, EA and account team enabling the delivery of a full operational service within 3 months. A third quarter report shows a 19% saving on travel spend and we’re pleased to say that we’ve had extremely positive feedback from our client!

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