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Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport

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Singapore’s Jewel Changi airport has always been a favourite for flyers worldwide. In fact, it has been voted Skytrax world’s best airport for seven years in a row. Until recently the airport was only known as Singapore Changi Airport. The futuristic building named ‘The Jewel’ only opened in April 2019, completing the airports title.

The Jewel consists of 10 floors (5 above ground and 5 below) and a massive 1.46 million square foot of land. It took four years of construction and a cost of around $1.25 billion to build. It would be difficult to miss Singapore’s latest attraction. On exiting most planes, passengers are likely to be handed a guide to The Jewel, complete with walking directions from various terminals.

The HSBC Rain Vortex The HSBC Rain Vortex

Taking centre stage at The Jewel is the HSBC Rain Vortex. At 40 metres high, it is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. The water is harvested from rain and recirculates through the waterfall around the clock. From 8.30pm every day it acts as a canvas for an hourly light and sound show that ends at 12.30am. The waterfall is viewable on the Skytrain and across seven of the ten floors at The Jewel.

The Forest

Surrounding the HSBC Rain Vortex is four stories of lush indoor forest. Singapore is known as a city in a garden and the airport wanted to capture that theme at The Jewel. The Shiseido Forest Valley is made up of more than 900 trees and 60,000 shrubs from around the world. There are walking trails open 24/7 and the airport recommend allowing half an hour for each. However, it would be widely advised to over allow, as crowds of visitors can slow things down. If you prefer sitting, the Skytrain (connecting terminals 2 and 3 to The Jewel) also weaves through the forest. There is no station inside  The Jewel for passengers to alight, however, travelling on the short Skytrain route benefits from a much closer view of the HSBC Rain Vortex.

The Canopy Topiary at Jewel Changi Airport

On the top most level of The Jewel sits Canopy Park. The 14,000 sqm of recreational space includes play attractions, gardens and topiary walk. On the 10th June the canopy bridge, hedge and mirror mazes and skynets opened. The skynets are in fact giant trampolines for you to walk or bounce across the scenery below. That’s if you do not fear heights of course! At it’s highest point the skynets sit eight metres above the Canopy Park.

The Canopy Bridge suspends 23 metres above ground and features a glass bottom at the centre. This area provides spectacular views of the Rain Vortex. At the topiary walk you can expect to see beautiful animal shaped sculptures made entirely of flowers.

Other Amenities

The Jewel is nothing short of things to do! It may be part indoor rainforest but it is also part luxury mall. As well as the aforementioned attractions it is home to 280 shops and restaurants. You could expect a large supermarket, high end luxury fashion and a hotel. There is also a multiscreen Imax theatre. Restaurants vary across every imaginable cuisine and include Michelin starred restaurants and cheap on the go eateries.


Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport is sure to continue as the world’s favourite airport since the opening of The Jewel. The airport is expecting between 50 and 60 million visits to The Jewel this year alone. That is despite only opening it’s doors in April!

It is not necessary to hold an air ticket to visit, it is open to residents of Singapore as well as international visitors.

Is Singapore a layover for you in between destinations? We would recommend extending your layover, perhaps to around 24 hours. Why miss the world’s most famous airport in all it’s glory? You could even stay at the YotelAir hotel within The Jewel.

Travel to Singapore regularly on business? Find out more about us and how we help other businesses with their travels to Asia.


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Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport

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