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travel management company | Time management

Travel Management Company: Take back your time

Customer protection guarantee

Travel Management Company: Take back your time

It’s time to start valuing your time more favourably and to think about your time and ways in which you can preserve it.  It’s time to take back time and start managing it better. We are a travel management company that believes in the importance of doing just that.I can offer you money saving, sure. I can help you shave the extra pounds and pence where possible off of your international travel. But actually, when I talk to prospective clients, I do believe that time is a much more valuable commodity. In a fast-paced ever changing world where our necks are bent checking our phones and time slips away from us rapidly, I would like to help you re-evaluate your time. I can relieve you of the unnecessary burden of having to arrange travel for your colleagues or even worse having to hold the hand of your travel management company.

Why have a travel management company if you can’t trust them to do what you want?

As a customer, you should be able to rely on their service and the fact that they will handle everything for you. This is what I can offer you. I will take the time to adapt to your needs and understand your way of thinking when it comes to international travel.

If you value your time as much as I do, please take the time to consider Your Travel Corporate. If you would like to discuss anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me on: tel: 02038 054 599 || email:

We won’t hard sell you, we won’t use strong-arm tactics and we don’t have any affiliations to certain airlines. We are a small team of like-minded individuals that genuinely love what we do and would like to help you.

Think about it and if you need help, get in contact. If you don’t need help, share this post because you might know someone who does…

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travel management company | Time management
Travel Management Company: Take back your time

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What Our Clients Say

Saving our customers time and money

Creative Resins has been at the forefront of decorative glass technology for over 30 years. When Louise contacted us to help with a trip to Oman, we discovered that the company had been using an airline’s website to book direct, paying in excess of £5,000 per trip in Business Class. Using our negotiated fares on this one flight YourTravel saved over £1000 per trip. Upon further investigation and a year’s great relationship, we delved into the companies travel policies and booking habits. We found that travel was often booked at the last minute and there was no one in authority to keep a watchful eye over what was being booked and where. We then worked with Louise to create passenger profiles for all of Creative Resins travellers including details such as preferred seat numbers, meals and airlines – we also set in place cabin restrictions (who can and can’t travel in an upgraded travel class). We then looked at the company’s calendar for the coming year, estimating when and where they would need to book travel and agreed that Your Travel would be proactive in trying to get confirmed travel dates from 4 weeks prior to the trip dates. This created a stress-free booking system that took budget and organisational pressure from the senior management, knowing they would always be working with a cost-effective travel budget. This lead to a reduced travel spend of just over 16% without cost-cutting and maintaining a high level of service.

‘’Working with Your Travel Corporate has been an enlightening experience, we were wasting money on travel and working with John and the team was very easy indeed. Everything is taken care of on every trip and we get a level of service that just can’t be achieved by the bigger travel agents, being treated as a valued client and not just another customer is fantastic!’’ Louise Bollom, Director

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