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Your Travel Group and The Little Concierge Company

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Introducing The Little Concierge Company

As a business, we like to partner with others to help build strong relationships, not just to support them with their travel needs but to enhance their clients experiences too. So we’ve decided to write this business travel blog to tell you all about our most recent partner.

The newest company that we have partnered with is The Little Concierge Company. Read our interview with Cezanne…

Where did it all begin for The Little Concierge Company?
I come from a background with over 20 years’ experience working as a Personal Assistant in the City and Mayfair. I have always been an organised person and love to help others, by helping them it enables them to be more productive with their time, this is what I find most rewarding. After working as a Personal Assistant, I decided I needed to spend more time at home with my teenage sons rather than spending 3-4 hours a day commuting to London! This led to me setting up The Little Concierge Company in January 2017 and I have never looked back.

What is the idea behind it?
The idea behind The Little Concierge Company is to provide a cost-effective service to individuals who do not have the time to organise their lifestyle or business. This really makes a difference to their lives and helps them to be more time-efficient.

What services do you offer at The Little Concierge Company?
I offer a virtual assistance service for clients such as entrepreneurs and small businesses. Rather than paying for a full-time employee, I offer a cost-effective alternative as my clients only pay for the hours needed. As a virtual assistance service, I ensure that my clients have an organised diary, set up meetings as well as book all their travel needs. I also offer lifestyle management for entrepreneurs and other individuals for their personal life. I will take on any task that they don’t have the time to do, such as organising childcare, general research or booking weekends away, providing the tasks are legal and ethical!

At Your Travel Group, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. What does customer service mean to you?
Great customer service is going above and beyond what my clients are expecting. Knowing that all my clients walk away having had a very positive experience and that they would recommend me to anyone they know.

From your experience, what is the most time-consuming task for your clients?
I would have to say searching through endless comparison sites to find the best deals for their business and personal travel. It just takes up too much time in their busy diaries.

Why did you choose to work with Your Travel Group?
A mutual friend recommended that I spoke to Kylie from Your Travel Group and that she might be able to help me. I had recently started out and knew that I wanted to work with someone local, who I could have meetings with and had an approachable and friendly team. I knew that I didn’t have the contacts in the travel industry and wanted to ensure my clients received a VIP service when they travelled. I had a meeting with Kylie and could see that the biggest benefit of us working together would be their vast knowledge and experience in the travel industry. I recently met the whole team and can say they are a fantastic team to work with.

And lastly, what is your favourite holiday destination and why?
It would have to be the Maldives! I went there a few years back now and it is forever in my memories. I would love to go back, I thought it was amazing the first time I went. I know that a lot of things have changed out there, back when I went they hadn’t built the over water villas. The Maldives is pure relaxation, with no newspapers, no TV’s, no telephone, you really are cut off from all the modern-day technology. I wanted that isolation, it was perfect. We had a little villa right by the beach.
My dream holiday now would be to travel around Italy, I want to see all the sights, especially the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany.

We now work with Cezanne on a regular basis and have appointed a dedicated travel expert, Richard, to The Little Concierge Company. We support Cezanne with her clients travel needs and ensure that her clients receive nothing less than five-star service always.

We are excited to see our relationship grow and flourish whilst our two businesses work together.
We welcome the opportunity to work with other companies alike and have built a strong reputation for servicing all our corporate clients to the highest level. So whether you need support booking corporate travel or a luxury personal holiday, give us a call and we would be happy to service you in the way we know best.

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Your Travel Group and The Little Concierge Company

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