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Passenger Profiles, Why They’ll Make Your Life Easier!

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Passenger Profiles

Have you ever considered that you, the travel booker and your organisation have a duty of care for your travellers? This means getting things right and always knowing where they are when they are travelling for business. A number of different solutions exist, expensive tracking software, over complicated online booking systems and even trying to stay on top of it all yourself. Or, you could just use passenger profiles.

Why use them?

At Your Travel Corporate we’ve found great success using passenger profiles when booking business travel for our clients. They keep arrangements running effortlessly, travel schedules smooth and stress to a minimum. At a click of a button, our passenger profiles tell us;

  • Passengers preferred airline(s), seating, meals and other requirements.
  • Any travel policies that must be adhered to.
  • Travellers emergency contact details and next of kin.
  • Departure and arrive times of all flights.
  • Hotel vouchers, check in details and direct dial room telephone number.
  • Your travellers meeting times and locations.
  • Transfer details, exact pick up / drop off location and even the drivers name a cell number.

If you have a team of under 50 staff that travel, there really is no need for expensive tech to organise the travel. You’ll soon see that working with a solid and experienced travel management company who can implement passenger profiles and travel policies, particularly with regular travellers can save time not only in the booking process but also helping you arrange their schedule and any hiccups that occur.

At Your Travel Corporate we can take care of all the above bullet points through the booking process, we can also provide reporting on traveller spend and movements making reconciliation of travel expenses easy and stress free.

If you’d like to talk about what we can do for you, get in touch with one of our friendly team today. Either call us on 0203 805 4599 or email hello@yourcorporate.co.uk

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