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How to Beat Jet Lag in 3 Easy Steps

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3 Easy Steps to Beat Jet Lag

Even the most meticulously planned business travel can be ruined by the extreme fatigue and disorientation caused by jet lag.  When we travel across several time zones, our natural circadian rhythm gets disrupted by new cycles of light, darkness, eating and sleeping schedules, making it hard to simply stay awake let alone see the sights or conduct business.

Up to 93% of travellers of all ages get hit by this dreaded condition on long haul travel (according to the American Sleep Association), but the good news is there are few simple precautions you can take to beat jet lag on your next business trip before it starts:

1. Fly Overnight and Sleep on the plane

Choose flights that bring you to your destination’s time zone in the morning or early afternoon. This is the best chance you have of replicating your normal schedule and tricking your body. It’s also way easier to re-set on arrival if you can sleep on the flight for as long as possible. Sleeping pills are widely accepted but avoid drinking alcohol as it actually interrupts the circadian rhythm and blocks REM sleep (that deep, dreamy sleep we need) for overall poor-quality downtime.

2. Get Outside

Do not immediately run from the airport to a meeting, or go from the airport to the car to the hotel without ever stepping outside. Give yourself time to get out, take a walk, and get used to your new climate and surroundings. Taking in the natural daylight and forcing yourself to move, rather than going straight to work or worse, a nap, will skyrocket your chances of adjusting to you new timezone.

3. Practice Self Care

Prioritising your well-being is another way to banish jet lag before it begins. Drink lots of water throughout your flight and avoid coffee and other stimulants.   Bring ear plugs and your favourite sleep mask on the plane to help you get the best sleep possible.  And don’t forget to eat wisely before boarding and in-flight. Protein heavy meals will keep you awake, but carbohydrate rich ones (like a pasta dish) will help you doze off.

We hope that you find these 3 easy ways to beat jet lag successful, if you have any of your own tips feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page.

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