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5 Easy Business Travel Packing Tips

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5 Easy Business Travel Packing Tips

 Navigate every business trip with ease and style by following these simple packing tips.

1. Never check a bag

This is the golden rule of business travel. The last thing anyone wants is having to deal with the nightmare of losing your luggage.  Aside from securing your belongings, there are other great benefits of embracing your carry-on, too. You will save money on baggage fees and get through the daunting airport experience much faster. You will also be forced to become a more efficient packer, choosing only what you really need and saving yourself stress along the way.

2. Wear your heaviest items on the plane

 Wear your coat and heaviest shoes in flight to avoid wasting large amounts of space in your carry-on. Use your personal item to store any essential electronics and be mindful of any opportunity you have to swap a heavy item for a lighter one.  For example, if you’re bringing a tablet, use that for reading instead of an additional physical book.

3. Mix and match neutral colours/pieces

Blacks, greys, and navy are ideal. You really only need one suit that you can mix and match complementary colours and accessories around to create multiple looks.  If you plan to incorporate outdoor or other leisure activities into your trip, basic, timeless items (dark wash jeans, black blouses, soft sweaters) that you can dress up or down are you best friend.

4. Utilise the ‘rolling’ method and packing cubes

It’s as simple as it sounds – just roll your clothing instead of packing it flat to maximise space.  As a bonus you’ll also be able to see every piece of item you’ve packed right away when you open your bag, making it easier to throw an outfit together in a pinch. For more delicate items, invest in packing cubes instead. These are small, soft fabric containers that zip closed to keep your items organised and compact.

5. Pre-pack the essentials

Finally, if you travel on business every month or more, dedicate some time to replenishing a separate small bag of toiletries and essentials (toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, deodorant, makeup, a lint brush, medicine, etc.).  Separate your liquids in a plastic bag ahead of time and keep it in your purse or laptop bag.  This will save you stress and time in the packing process.

We hope that these business travel packing tips will help you for your next business trip. If you have any other packing tips that you swear by, we’d love to hear them. Email them over to and we’ll share them with your fellow business travellers.

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