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Frequent Flyer & Loyalty Programs for business travel blog

Airline Frequent Flyer & Hotel Loyalty Programs – How to Rack up Rewards Faster

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Frequent Flyer/Loyalty Programs – How to Rack up Rewards Faster

If you travel often for business, taking advantage of the many frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs can reap huge rewards.  Earning points or air miles can get you everything from free flights, upgrades, hotel stays, meals, car rentals and more – and best of all, it’s FREE to sign up.

But the loyalty program landscape is constantly changing, making it tricky to get the most bang for your buck.  The most recent trend is a switch to a “revenue-based” model.  In simple terms this means instead of getting more perks for distance, you get them based on how much you actually spend. This can make it more difficult to rack up points, but not impossible.

Here are 4 quick tips to have you flying free faster no matter which program you choose:

1. Join every reward program you can and track them all with Award Wallet – a free tool for tracking all your reward programs in one place.

2. Get a credit card with travel rewards.  This is the fastest way to rack up additional points fast – just be sure to pay off the full balance each month or suffer the consequences of higher than average interest rates.  Be aware that you may also have a minimum spend each month to get point bonuses.

3. Stay Loyal.  These schemes only work if you actually pick a brand and use it more than once.  Depending on your hub and where you usually travel, especially for business, you should choose an airline that goes all the places you need it to, and a hotel chain that lives in the cities you need to be.  Staying local also gets you to elite status, which is where the point and mileage bonuses skyrocket to between 25-100%.

4. Join an Alliance.  Most major carriers belong to either Star Alliance, Skyteam, or One World.  If you join one of these and need to fly a different airline than you normally do, keep it in the alliance to make sure you earn your points.

We can help you stay on top of your frequent flyer memberships and alert you when you have enough air miles for a freebie. We offer this service as a benefit to all our clients who book business travel with us. If you are looking for a new travel management company this might just help you decide to use us.

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What Our Clients Say

Saving our customers time and money

Working within the entertainment sector to provide the ultimate in flexibility and service as well a proactive approach towards account management. In 2016 a trans-Atlantic artist management firm approached Your Travel Corporate to construct a travel plan for its UK and USA offices with an annual spend of £750,000.

Prior to working with Your Travel Corporate, the firm had contracted the services of another national travel agent. During the 12 months spent working with this agency, there were significant challenges in service delivery which led to multiple issues, lack of proactive account management and limited delivery of policy compliance.

After a problematic year, the firm took the decision to move away from their substandard agent and seek to engage a new agent – they chose Your Travel Corporate for several reasons;

–       The ability to work with a dedicated account manager and director, ensuring a positive relationship and understand of needs was built from the outset.

–       Our ability to understand and implement client objectives pro-actively.

–       Our personal and bespoke approach to client service.


With our unique understanding of travel management and the importance of getting it right first time, we could map out a plan to move the firms travel management to Your Travel Corporate, with adequate and well thought out milestones, ensuring that our account management team worked effectively with the firms PA, EA and account team enabling the delivery of a full operational service within 3 months. A third quarter report shows a 19% saving on travel spend and we’re pleased to say that we’ve had extremely positive feedback from our client!

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