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What is a Traveller Profile?

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What is a Traveller Profile?

A traveller profile is a document compiled with information that is most helpful for your Travel Management Company (TMC) and most efficient for you in the travel booking and trip planning process.

Creating your profile is the first step towards stress-free travel, and the best formalised system to gather, store, and share information to save you and your business time and money.

Your profile contains all personal information (name, address, date of birth, contact information passport number, etc.) as well as seat, meal, rail, hotel and car rental preferences, frequent flyer or reward scheme numbers, and emergency contact information.

Completing a profile is quick and easy, and will benefit you even if you only travel once or a few times a year.  Your data is kept safe with SSL encryption, and once it’s complete you will be reminded by your TMC to update relevant information each year to keep it accurate.

Security is a huge advantage over self-booking as it centralises your information in the safest way.  Having profiles across numerous accounts spreads your personal information across the internet and increases your risk for being hacked and having your details stolen.

How does completing a traveller profile benefit you?

• It speeds up the booking process

• Ensures you get the highest quality, personalised service

• Gives your airline relevant contact information in case of cancellations, strikes, or important updates to your flight

• Ensures you don’t lose your seat or flight due to extra time taken for consultants to contact you for missing information required for your booking

• You will get passport expiry reminders so you remember to renew well before your next trip

• Ability to update and make changes at any time to suit your needs

• Guarantees you have 100% accuracy in your bookings

Traveller profiles is a standard service we offer to all our clients for ease and accuracy when booking with us. For more information on our services, click here.

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