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4 Tips to Improve Travel Compliance and Protect Against Rogue Travellers

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Tips to Improve Travel Compliance and Protect Against Rogue Travellers

If you have employees booking outside of your travel policy or without your travel management company, you have ROGUE travellers!  Improving compliance to your travel policies can save you time, money, and peace of mind down the road (literally).

Here are our top tips to improve compliance and keep your employees from going rogue:

Communicate the Incentives

Offer loyalty points and incentives with your travel program and communicate them clearly in your policies. Employees are much more likely to comply if they know they can earn their own; airline miles, gift cards, or other points through your policy. They can reap the rewards of business travel and use their incentives for personal trips in the future.

Duty of Care

Employee health and safety is a huge concern for business travel. Be sure to communicate that keeping track of people in case of emergencies is critical and sharing itineraries is important.  If travel plans need to change because of weather, flight delays, or other unexpected changes of plan, your policy can also protect against penalties and charges and ensure smooth re-booking and adjustments for your employees.

Rewards & Punishments

The team will be more likely to adhere to your policies if every itinerary must be pre-approved by management.  This means itineraries must be reviewed, and rogue travellers will be punished.  You can refuse to reimburse for rogue travel that goes against company policies/preferred booking channels. In contrast, you can reward prudent travel planners with shares of the cost savings they create for the company when using the preferred policy.

Make it Simple

Using a professional travel management company can help your employees book their travel with ease. They won’t bother with online travel agencies or crazy itinerary building themselves.  Pick a policy that delivers concierge level care to your employees and offers a 24 hours a day support system for changes and urgent requests.  The easier you make it, the higher travel compliance will be.

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