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Virgin Australia Melbourne VIP Airport Lounge

5 Reasons to Visit a VIP Airport Lounge

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VIP Airport Lounge for Business and First Class Passengers

The first ever airport lounge was created by American Airlines president C.R. Smith in 1939 as a promotional tool for the airline at New York City’s La Guardia airport. As a result, it was a huge hit.  Today, Business and First Class passengers can enjoy an array of amenities at most major airports. All of which help you relax, recharge, and in some cases indulge along your journey.

Here are 5 reasons to prioritise your trip to a VIP airport lounge:

Self Care

Most lounges include washrooms and private shower areas, allowing you to refresh on the road in superior comfort.  At Dubai Airport, you can even ‘Sleep N’ Fly’ in a lounge with; lie flat beds, ear plugs, hot towels, showers, and full sleep sets to encourage maximum shut eye.  Many lounges also offer full spa facilities. Experience full body massages and skin treatments so you can truly reach a new level of airport zen.


Speaking of zen, you’ll find the most peaceful, quiet space in the entire airport at a VIP airport lounge.  You will be treated to a variety of comfortable seating with no unpleasant neighbours and no stress about finding an empty place to hang out.  You will also find uniquely relaxing experiences you never thought you would – like at the PGA MSP Lounge at Minneapolis/St. Paul International, where you can hit the driving range, putting green, or golf simulator at your leisure.

Free Food, Alcohol & More

In contrast from complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and typical buffet food stations with lighter fare, many VIP lounges go the extra mile with full a la carte restaurants and unique dining experiences that are totally free with entry.  You might have an even more unique culinary experience, like the Lufthansa lounge in the Frankfurt International First Class Terminal.  There you’ll also find an opulent cigar room complete with rare whiskey and cognac for a truly special experience.


Your lounge experience always includes free, fast internet, and usually dedicated work stations with every amenity you would have in your office at home to help make getting work done on the road a breeze.  While some lounges even include full, bookable meeting spaces and private board rooms.  At the Skyteam Lounge at Heathrow airport, you can even take advantage of an oxygen bar to wake you up and focus better before getting ahead on your inbox.

Wow Factor

Many travellers go out of their way to hit as many VIP lounges as possible for one reason; to have experiences they can’t get anywhere else.  Every destination certainly has something unique to offer; from the Punta Cana VIP Lounge’s full blown infinity pool, to Qantas’ Sydney insane yoga studio, to the library and sake room at Japan Airlines’ lounge at Haneda, adventure is calling from right inside the airport!

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