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5 Signs it’s Time to Find a New Travel Management Company

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Time to Find a New Travel Management Company

It’s always difficult to switch suppliers, but sometimes changing your travel programs and policies may be necessary. Even more so if your travel management company if not delivering on its promises or giving you the level of service you deserve.

Here are five signs it’s time to make the switch to a new travel management company (TMC):

You Aren’t’ Saving Time or Money

Every TMC’s job is to add value by cutting travel costs and making the booking process easy and quick for your team.  Your agent should be using their expertise to get you the best deals without hidden fees in a fraction of the time. Making it much more efficient without you needing to research and book complicated itineraries on your own.

They are Unreachable When you Need Them

A major reason to go with a TMC over booking online is 24/7 dedicated support.  You should be able to reach your agent at any time without being juggled between people in a chain of command or sitting on hold.  If you don’t have an agent dedicated to supporting your team throughout their entire journey, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Cookie Cutter Program Offerings

Every travel program is unique and should never have to fit with your supplier’s standard program offerings.  A good TMC will customise their solutions to fit your needs. They should think outside the box to deliver you what you need without handcuffing you to a core selection of offerings.

Negative Feedback

Your front-line users will let you know if your TMC is causing them grief on the road.  Make sure you have a system to collect feedback regularly from your team. This will help keep your TMC in check and ensure it’s still a good fit for your needs.  A good TMC will respond quickly to complaints to resolve outstanding issues and shift their practices to serve you better.

Duty of Care

Does your TMC clearly understand Duty of Care responsibilities for your team on the road?  This is the legal obligation employers must provide their employees when they travel.  If your TMC is not assisting you create the best risk management protocols for your program, find a company who will.

For more expert advice and tips on making the most when it comes to business travel, click here.

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International travel has become particularly onerous and so it is essential to find agents who can help alleviate the stress of sourcing a competitive price, organising itineraries, booking the travel, accommodation and associated services. YourTravel has provided an exceptional level of service, working with our Company to understand our requirements, tailoring the various flights to ensure the maximum amount of time for our business to be conducted with the least time wasted.

Their representatives have been professional, highly competent and a pleasure to work with, going the extra mile on all occasions. We have experienced excellent service, most particularly from their representatives Lauren Townsend and Chloe Whelan, who obtained competitive rates with an exacting itinerary and, importantly, have monitored our recent travels over a two and a half week trip through various time zones to assist in arranging boarding passes and booking seats.

We would highly recommend YourTravel for both business and personal travel and will be using them for our future bookings.

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