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Why a Travel Management Company (TMC) is an Assistants Best Friend

Why a Travel Management Company (TMC) is an Assistants Best Friend

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Why a Travel Management Company (TMC) is an Assistants Best Friend

Have you spent the afternoon researching for your executives upcoming business trip, despite an intimidatingly long to-do list? Investigating the best flight routes, most convenient and yet available business hotels and tying it together with transfers is a waste of your time. You could be missing out on a valuable best friend, who will do all of this for you and at the same time provide you with massive savings. Here are the 5 reasons why a Travel Management Company (TMC) is an assistants best friend.


  1. Save time

The services provided by a TMC are in no way a threat to your role. Only you know the unique needs and desires of your executives, and your TMC will work alongside you to provide the best solution. Travel research and booking can be a time-consuming task and as a busy assistant you likely have more pressing tasks that require your attention. In providing an itinerary to your TMC, you can get back to your other duties, safe in the knowledge that your TMC is working in the background to source everything required.

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  1. Save money

TMC’s know the market and should always get you the best deal. They should have pre-negotiated fares and contracts at their fingertips, cheaper than you would find yourself online. With a TMC onboard you could expect to reduce your travel spend, which will earn you some serious kudos with your executives. At Your Travel Corporate we have been known to reduce annual company travel spend by up to 35%.

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  1. 24/7 Support

A good TMC will be dedicated to your booking and ensuring a seamless journey throughout. Part of being able to do this, means 24/7 availability to you. No matter where you or your executive are in the world, your TMC should be on hand to fix any issue that arises throughout your itinerary.

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  1. Flexibility

In the world of business travel, we all know that changes are inevitable. Meetings can be postponed or rescheduled even on the day, and suddenly, you need to arrange an earlier flight! Online suppliers knock you back big bucks for last minute bookings, changes or cancellations. However, TMC’s have inside industry connections and therefore increased flexibility with cancellation rules. When last minute amendments are the most stressful part of travel booking, a TMC can rescue you in an instant!

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  1. Personalisation

Booking online is a one size fits all approach. With a TMC you will be able to craft an itinerary that suits everyone in the trip. Whether that be finding a green hotel, a restaurant that can cater to allergies, a conference suite with above standard technology or an airport transfer in a Rolls Royce. Your TMC is there to build in whatever added extra is needed throughout the trip.


You could benefit from all of the above points and more here at Your Travel Corporate. We do not charge any fees or tie clients into contracts. Our business travel experts will not keep you on hold or waiting for a quote. We pride ourselves on a quick and attentive response to any enquiry. Above all, we are members of ATOL and backed by The Global Travel Group.

Find out more about us here.


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Saving our customers time and money

I cannot recommend Aiden and YTC’s services enough. Whenever I phone, whether it be Aiden or another one of his colleagues, they always answer the phone enthusiastically and are incredibly helpful. I work for some incredibly demanding people and no matter how many times I change the criteria and ask Aiden to reprice the options, he remains unflappable and calm under pressure – even when I am not!!

On a financial note we have other agencies (one now since we dropped a well known one for completely messing up some flights and for not coming back to us quickly) that we used to use, but to be honest I don’t even bother with the others anymore seeing as Aiden’s prices are so much cheaper and detailed.  Not only does he try and find the best and cheapest option, but they are always cheaper than the competitors.

Aiden and his colleagues literally take the hassle and drama out of some chaotic and difficult itineraries. Thank you and long may it continue.

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