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Business Travel: Defeating Jet Lag

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Business travel can be an intriguing prospect in any role. New destinations and new relationships with exciting meetings and paid expenses, sounds good doesn’t it?

However, after several business trips, and thousands of miles covered the thought of another long-haul flight can evoke a lot less enthusiasm. Naturally, your 24-hour internal body clock is in disarray each time you visit another continent.

You want to represent your company professionally, and warm up your sales prospect with plenty of enthusiasm. So how can you defeat jet lag, or at the very least keep jet lag to a minimum?

Book the most strategic flight

Speak to your business travel agent and explain the itinerary. An agent that truly cares will source you the best flight for your needs, taking into account duration, hassle, comfort, timing and budget.

Adjust your sleep pattern in advance

Try to incrementally adjust your sleep schedule two or three nights before you fly. For example, if your destination is six hours behind your current time zone and you fly on Monday, try to sleep 90 minutes later than you usually would on Friday night. Then a further 90 minutes later on the Saturday night, and again on Sunday.

Rest on your flight

Pay particular attention to time zone differences and the day ahead of you. In many cases, you will want to achieve some sleep in the air to help defeat jet lag. For ultimate comfort we would always recommend travelling in Business class. Here you can indulge in bedding and a flat-bed seat. If budget is a worry speak to your business travel agent, they may be able to find you more for your budget than you expected. Even if that is economy on the return but business class for the important outbound journey.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

As tempting as the onboard welcome drink is… we would suggest avoiding alcohol, which can play havoc on your ability to rest sufficiently. Caffeine also. Opt for chamomile tea instead which is known for calming, sleep-inducing properties.

Travel with lavender

If you do struggle to sleep in the air, and have already exhausted the chamomile tea, try a lavender aid. Lavender is renowned for reducing stress, slowing the heartbeat, relaxing muscles and inducing deep sleep. There are options on the market including gel’s, balms and pillow sprays. Remember to purchase 100ml or under for travelling.

Travel comfortably

If a good nights sleep is on your agenda, travel comfortably. Leave your suit in your luggage. Nobody has ever defeated jet lag by sleeping well in a tailored outfit.

Earplugs and eyemasks

Even if everyone around is either absorbed in a movie or catching some winks of their own, airplane cabins are not the quietest experience. Many airlines will provide earplugs and an eyemask, even in economy, but research ahead. Pack your own if you require a certain quality.

Work it out

You’ve made it! Now that you are back on solid ground and checked in to your hotel, take on some exercise. Even a short half hour run or swim will release plentiful endorphins and brighten your spirit. Not to mention, the shower after a long flight and work out will feel incredible, leaving you truly pumped for the day ahead!

Utilise wake up calls

Hopefully, your first day of meetings has been a success, and jet lag was kept at bay. Even if you did manage to sleep on the flight and revive yourself for the day ahead, you must be tiresome. If you didn’t have any success sleeping on the plane, we can barely imagine how you must be feeling! Be sure to ask the hotel reception to set you adequate wake up calls for the next day.


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Jet Lag and Business Travel: How to Defeat it

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