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Travelling safely in the COVID-19 pandemic

Travelling Safely in a Pandemic: A Your Travel Case Study

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Travelling safely has never been as important as it is right now. It is October 2020 and as this is written we are several months into a global pandemic. COVID-19 has hit every corner of the globe and as governments far and wide act to contain the virus, inbound and outbound travel restrictions have been set in varying severity.

In the UK, the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) update advice daily to aid travelling safely. However, the constant changes to restrictions and advice have been causing what we can only refer to as ‘travel nightmares’. ‘Getting stuck’ or being denied entry at a border can and has happened, with practically overnight changes to entry regulations. Consequently, the knock-on effect means that a majority do not feel at ease to book international travel.

We can provide solutions to make your next holiday, your wedding abroad or your next business trip achievable.

Travelling safely may be as simple as a COVID-19 PCR test and Fit to Fly certificate

Infact, some countries only accept entry of UK citizens with a negative test and certification. For those that currently do not, who is to say when they will also make it compulsory? Let’s take a look at a recent case study of ours. Please note the client has wished to remain anonymous, we shall refer to them as client 1.

Client 1 was in touch with their dedicated Your Travel business expert last month, with an urgent enquiry to Dubai. At the time (and this remains true at point of writing), Dubai only accepted entry with a negative COVID-19 test.

Client 1 needed to fly within five days of enquiry and felt anxious that a test and results could be achieved in time by the NHS. Your Travel Group recently partnered with Confirm, the laboratory responsible for testing the likes of Apple and the Premier League. Quick and reliable, the testing is easy and comfortable to do at home, with results backed up by a globally recognised Fit to Fly certificate. Additionally, clients with a valid Your Travel booking have access to a discount of 20% off.

Feeling more at ease, Client 1 continued to book the flight and also the test with our exclusive discount code. The very next day, the test was in the hands of client 1. Client 1 performed the test with the included instructions and easily sent it back off with pre-paid return postage. The UKAS accredited ISO15189 standard Confirm Testing laboratory in central London took care of the rest.

The day before flying, client 1 received a negative test result and fit to fly certificate. On the day of travel, client 1 only needed to present the documentation to all relevant authorities to prove they were travelling safely and gain entry to Dubai.

Want to know more?

It’s quick, it’s reliable, it’s trusted by big household names. However, if you want to know more, please take a look at further details here.

Remember, we are here to help you with your next enquiry and ensure you are travelling safely. Get in touch with one of our business travel experts today.

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Travelling Safely in a Pandemic: A Your Travel Case Study

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