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Why use a Business Travel Agent?

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Business travel agents (BTA’s) are an important asset to any company that travels frequently. Quite often it can be easy to assume that ‘the internet’ will give you the best price, or that flights have standard prices that are best booked online – this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Let’s start by clarifying: there are many large BTA’s out there that will simply book a flight from point A to point B and charge a booking fee per person for doing so, these will usually call themselves travel management companies and will try to sell an online booking tool. This article is about a true business travel agent / agency, made up of travel experts who will ensure you operate your company travel policy on the most efficient way possible.

A good business travel agent will have many benefits for you, and can save you hundreds of pounds per trip. They can also offer a much wider range of services that extend further than your normal flights / hotels / car hire and can be rolled up into a single phone call or email. Other services that a business travel agent will provide are travel insurance, emergency assistance, baggage storage, pre-departure support, chauffeur driver to name but a few. They may even be able to recommend other companies that could help your company travel more effectively and save you money, or collaborate on your behalf.

So, let’s talk about the main benefits of using a business travel agent.

1️⃣ You deal with a real person, with real-life experience who can think outside of the box to help you. Need to cancel a non-refundable ticket? A real person can ask the airline for a favour, or see if the airline will allow a change so you don’t lose money – something an online booking tool won’t do and that you’d have to beg a call center agent to do!

2️⃣ The internet is a powerful tool when used right, and it is quite easy to get things wrong. A good travel agent has a vast array of resources at their disposal to make sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. They’ll know exactly what to do, who to call, and which airline to use, they’re a step ahead of the game and will know how to find the best solution for you.

3️⃣ You will have one point of contact for your trip, so you won’t have to deal with different people every time you travel or need to call for information. This is important as you’ll build a relationship over time that will make travel much easier to book.

4️⃣ Business travel agents are not restricted to a specific travel supplier and can often find better rates than your normal travel agent. Your BTA should not be afraid to shop around for you and find you the best deal possible. They will be able to use their relationships with suppliers to secure you the best rate possible. They may even have access to other third party websites that allow them to compare prices from multiple suppliers.

5️⃣ A good business travel will always be looking to help your travel policy improve, they will discover key metrics in your spending patterns and make suggestions to improve your quality of travel or even reduce your spend.

Your Travel Corporate are a business travel agent based in Kent, Uk. 

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Why use a Business Travel Agent?

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