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luxury business travel: booking for your executives

Luxury Business Travel: Booking for Your Executives

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In the world of executive travel, the difference between a standard business trip and a truly luxurious experience lies in the details. As a personal assistant responsible for booking executive travel, your role is pivotal in ensuring your executive’s journey is seamless, comfortable, and truly exceptional. Here, we’ll share our tips to help you book the perfect luxury travel experience.

1. Find a Business Travel Agent/TMC That Cares

This is crucial. A business travel agent or travel management company will use their extensive industry network of connections to find you the best options and fares. Moreover, a truly effective travel partner should also be making your job easier. To put it simply, they need to care about your executives needs as much as you do.

2. Establish Detailed Travel Profiles

One of the first steps to creating a luxurious travel experience is to maintain thorough executive profiles with your business travel agent. Collect information on preferred airlines, seat selections, dietary restrictions, loyalty program memberships, and personal preferences. This allows for your travel supplier to tailor each trip to your executive’s unique tastes.

3. Elevate Preferences with Schemes

Loyalty often has its rewards in the world of luxury travel. Not only can you build up ‘loyalty points’ for free or next-to-nothing stays and journeys, but loyal customers are also more likely to be offered upgrades, special treatment or additional access to exclusive amenities. Explore loyalty schemes with your executives preferred hotels and carriers. Go the extra mile and ask your business travel supplier to negotiate special rates for your executives.

4. Private Transportation

If budget and policy allows consider exclusive transfers, be it personal chauffeurs or private jets. Not only does this add a touch of class but it also ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey. No need to worry about where to start with this. Your business travel agent/TMC can make quick work of sourcing such luxurious business travel options.

5. Exclusive Experiences

Look for opportunities to create memorable moments during the trip. Whether its a private city tour for your executive and their clients, premium tickets to an event or access to a renowned spa, adding such exclusive experiences to the itinerary can set your executives trip apart. Leverage your agent/TMC and their network to secure a show-stopping add on.

6. Post-Travel Evaluation

After the trip, seek feedback from your executive. Assess what went well, what could be improved and what they most enjoyed. Take note of any new or updated travel preferences that may present themselves and ensure all feedback is shared with the partner who supplied your executives luxury business travel. This ongoing evaluation process helps refine booking strategies and delivery of even more personalised luxury business travel in future.


We are here to help with all your company travel needs, from the last minute trips to the overly complicated itineraries or the luxury business travel of a very important person. Find out more about our dedicated business travel experts, our history and our ethos here at Your Travel Corporate. Furthermore, call today on 0203 805 4599 for a detailed overview on how we can help you.

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Luxury Business Travel: Booking for Your Executives

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