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British Airways commitment to offset carbon emissions

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British Airways commitment to offset carbon emissionsBritish Airways have made a commitment to offset carbon emissions on all domestic flights from January 2020. It will cover up to 75 domestic flights per day between London and ten UK cities. The total emissions between all eleven cities is about 400,000 tons of CO2 per year. Offsetting allows companies like British Airways to invest time and money into environmental projects to balance their own carbon footprints. Any offsetting scheme must be a permanent reduction in CO2.

British Airways currently fly 33 Boeing 747 jumbos. As of 2024 they will no longer fly this aircraft because they are the heaviest consumers of fuel in the fleet. The new Airbus A350-1000, typically uses 43 tonnes instead of 70 tonnes of jet fuel to carry a similar number of passengers. Over the next 20-years BA have vowed to invest £327 million in sustainable fuel. This includes it’s recent approved joint venture to build a waste-to-jet fuel plant in the UK. BA are partnering with Royal Dutch Shell and renewable fuel company Velocys to build a commercial waste to fuel jet plant.

Next year there is expected to be a £3million cost to offset carbon emissions on British Airways UK flights. This would generate 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide. British Airways have stated that they will invest in carbon reduction projects worldwide including renewable energy, rainforest protection and reforestation programmes. Customers on international flights will continue to have the option to offset their own footprint. British Airways show determination to participate and reduce their part in aviation’s CO2 emissions. Domestic UK passengers do not have to offset emissions however they are more than welcome. Passengers can use the British Airways carbon offsetting tool to calculate their emission and make donations to offsetting projects.


IAG- British Airways parent companyBritish Airways commitment to offset carbon emissions

British Airways parent company IAG have become the first airline group to commit to net-zero carbon flying by 2050. They will offset carbon emissions towards the net-zero target by significantly reducing emissions by replacing old aircrafts and using sustainable fuels. IAG is responsible for 3% of global aviation emissions, this is equivalent to 29.2 million tons of carbon dioxide per annum out of the industries 915 million tons. IAG is also the parenting company to Aer Linguas, Iberia, Vueling and LEVEL. These companies have also pledged that they will reduce their emissions through sustainable fuel and replacing old aircrafts.


The Aviation Industry carbon footprint

Aviation accounts for more than 2% of global emissions. Contributions to CO2 levels is forecast to grow rapidly because the number of passengers is rising. Also the industry rely on fossil-fuels. There is a general target in place by the aviation industry to cut emissions by 50% from the levels in 2005 by 2050.


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British Airways Commitment to Offset Carbon Emissions

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