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Hilton Five Feet To Fitness

Hilton Five Feet To Fitness™

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Five Feet To Fitness™ is the recent development from hotel chain Hilton that focuses on wellness and fitness in-room. The design is part traditional hotel room and part fitness centre. With over 11 different fitness equipment and accessory options, a multitude of exercises can be performed in privacy. After a busy working day a private workout in the comfort of your room can help you to relax. Alternatively, a brisk morning workout before going about business might be your favourite way to start the day.

A common worry might be disturbance to other guests. Provided that the Five Feet To Fitness™ rooms include sports performance floors and an additional layer of soundproofing, these rooms are considerably safe for guests to work out without having to be overly mindful of their neighbours.

Five Feet To Fitness™ Equipment

As soon as you enter you will spot the indoor bicycle, ideal for long riding sessions or interval-training. A storage bay makes up the main feature and offers an assortment of equipment. Here you can find tools for strength, core and HIIT, as well as suspension straps and ample floor space. A mat is also here should you prefer yoga or stretching. A simple, floor meditation chair is also available. Amongst the bay is a TV provided over 200 guided exercise tutorials and 25 classes. The videos incorporate only the exercise equipment found in your Five Feet To Fitness™ room.

Further Facilities

As diet and nutrition works alongside exercise, Hilton offer a free-of-charge ‘hydration station’. The selection of beverages include coconut water, vitamin infused water, sports drinks and protein shake. Sachets of Biofreeze© are provided amenities for any overworked muscles or other body tensions. The topical gel uses a cooling effect as a natural pain reliever.


Hilton initially launched the Five Feet To Fitness™ rooms in the US, with locations in California, New York, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. The concept has since rolled out to the UK, Indonesia and Shanghai.

Do you keep on top of your health and fitness regimes when travelling for business?

If this is a priority, and you would like to know more about how a business travel agent can help you maintain your personal goals get in touch today.

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Alternatively, learn more about our business travel agency model here.

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