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Mindful Meetings

Mindful Meetings by Mandarin Oriental Hotels

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Mindful Meetings is a progressive global initiative by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Mandarin Oriental hotels are a popular choice for meetings, conferences, training and events of all sizes. From opulent ballrooms with private outdoor space to intimate, high-tech rooms with balconies and a view, the hotel chain offers some of the best corporate spaces across the globe.

Now when you arrange corporate events at Mandarin Oriental you can also promote wellness amongst attendees. Mindful Meetings is the creative concept that aims to invigorate, inspire and engage your audience. The goal is to leave participants less stressed and more focused and productive. This is particularly beneficial for training or meetings with important goals to achieve.

Mindful Meetings Key Dimensions

  • MOVEMENT Yoga and stretching sessions are encouraged by in house specialists during meeting breaks. The sessions help to improve comfort and relaxation as well as circulation.
  • STILLNESS Moments of calm allow minds the space to think. Guided meditation, relaxation zones and digital wellness training can all be built-in to your Mindful Meetings programme.
  • NOURISHMENT Fresh, organic and local dishes are curated specifically to nourish the body and the brain. Energising juices and smoothies as well as water and hot drinks are available to stay hydrated.
  • CONNECTIONS Positive and relaxing environments enable more conversations and brainstorming. You can inspire your participants to connect and open up with cocktail receptions or team-building exercises.
  • WELLBEING Enhance productivity with a little time out for your attendees. Add a quick massage, calming creative colouring session or de-stress talk to your Mindful Meetings programme.

You may also choose additional packages to include before or after the event to further benefit wellness. This is aimed more towards meetings where participants also have an overnight room. Things to think about would be further networking activities, a spa treatment or complimentary amenities.

Do you have an upcoming business trip to plan? Perhaps you are arranging key global stakeholders to one location for an important business meeting?

We can provide flights, rooms, transfers and also book event space or help you put together a Mindful Meetings programme. Get in touch with us today to find out more or read more about us here.

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Richard is very responsive. For more than two years he has been arranging my flights within Europe.

At this stage, I must mention that the work I am tasking him with is very difficult. Often I notify Richard briefly before I need a flight or a re-arrangement. My schedule is a mix of long term and short term arrangements, which sometimes are cancelled or postponed. Richard manages to get me on feasible flights and I always count on him. He is very reliable and I see him as a problem solver.

Even when the pressure is on, Richard remains an accountable and reliable solution provider. He always goes by the books and doesn’t take short-cuts. I like working with Richard, who hasn’t dropped the ball, no matter which problem I tasked him with.

He got me on time to Bilbao last week, although EW was messing around with my extra payment for the luggage, until the gate was closed.

Another time he got me back to Düsseldorf from Stockholm, after a couple of rearrangements due to a short term cancelling of a scheduled appointment.

Richard seems to use the whole runaway of tools and processes in order to get the job done. I am a happy client.

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