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Seating area at Emirates Heathrow lounge

Emirates Lounge Heathrow

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Last week I was able to enjoy the Emirates lounge at Heathrow before checking out their Airbus A380 product (more on this next week!). Emirates business and first passengers are invited to use the lounge for free. Emirates travellers in economy are able to upgrade their experience and use the lounge for £100p/p. The 430 capacity Emirates lounge is a great way to pass time at the airport before boarding your flight to Dubai or beyond, here’s why.

Peace and Tranquility

Sit back and relax in the open and serene atmosphere awash with marble, gold accents, lavish materials and Rolex clocks. Armchairs are wide, robust and incredibly comfortable. Help yourself to a drink and some reading material from the widely varying rack and settle under a warmly lit table lamp. On the other hand, you may just prefer to unwind infront of the televisions. Grab yourself one of the armchairs by the floor to ceiling windows for a prime bit of plane spotting. However, be warned, these go quick!

Alternatively, you may wish to make the most of the peace and quiet in the working area. Although all armchairs are within easy reach of power outlets for personal laptops, the Emirates lounge also provide a desk area with five computers and a printing facility.

Rolex clocks
Seat with a view at Emirates lounge Heathrow
Working Area at Emirate lounge Heathrow

Be Bowled Over by the Food

It is difficult to restrain from eating everything off the menu at the Emirates lounge in Heathrow. In-house chef’s put out a colourful array of foods which are completely self-serve. The menu rotates monthly however on this occasion we were spoilt with curry’s, rice, traditional homely pies and meats, sautéed veg and creamy mashed potato. For lighter bites you might instead opt for artisan bread, dips and crudités, salads, olives or seafood. Fresh fruit, cakes and cheeses made up the options for dessert.

Indulge in fresh, healthy detox juices or unwind with a self-served cocktail. A small but ample bar provides a selection of wines, beer, spirits and mixers with ice and garnishes. There are plenty of soft drinks and of course the option for tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

To be able to give an all rounded review of the food service I intended to pick up three courses, along with appetizers. I nibbled at some crudités dunked in a yoghurty dip at an attempt to be healthy and washed this down with a detox juice. The goats cheese, beetroot and quinoa salad I picked up to start was divine. I followed this with a creamy lentil dal, some rice and garlic sautéed spinach which was equally delicious. Try as I might, I failed to make it to dessert as I had so hoped!

Dining area
Healthy bites and juices at the Emirates lounge Heathrow
Emirates lounge bar

Other Facilities at the Emirates Lounge Heathrow

We know that some business travellers are constantly on the go. As soon as one meeting ends another is to begin. As a result, you may lack the time to stop and refresh. Even so, arriving at the airport early to await your flight is inevitable and as an Emirates lounge guest you can kill two birds with one stone and make use of the shower facilities during the wait.

As well as the already mentioned bar and buffet, showers, working and reading areas there is also a prayer room. Undeniably, one of the best features of the lounge is direct boarding access. The Emirates lounge at Heathrow is open between 05.30 and 10.30, catering for all six daily flights out of Heathrow.

Emirates A380 boarding from the lounge at Heathrow T3

Is Emirates your airline of choice?

Do you need help sourcing the best fares and routes for your company’s travel?

Call 0203 805 4599 today for a quick informal chat about your business travel needs. Alternatively, email with details of your next itinerary for a fast quote. We are never more expensive than booking direct with the airline! Find out more about us and our business travel agency HERE.

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Emirates Lounge Heathrow

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