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Spa Treatments at Airport Lounges

Spa Treatments at Airport Lounges

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Spa treatments are an increasingly popular investment amongst business travellers. We put this down to the growing topic of wellness and the benefits of maintaining health and wellbeing rituals whilst travelling. Of course, many hotels have outstanding spas, but as a busy corporate traveller, do you have the time to stop for spa treatments?

This is where airport lounges come in. Busy travellers will always be in and out of airports and may find themselves with spare time on their hands. Airport lounges offer drinks, snacks, reading material and also internet and working stations. Some of the best airport lounges also offer showers, prayer rooms, meditation areas and spas. As well as additional convenience these lounges are an upgrade in comfort with a calmer atmosphere in comparison to the busy and cramped departure foyers.

Airport lounges that feature a spa tend to offer short, quick fix spa treatments. These can be an ideal quick pick-me-up before a long flight or between connecting flights. Here are a few of our favourite finds.

Spa Treatments at Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Spa

Eligible passengers flying with Virgin Atlantic and Delta are able to receive complimentary spa treatments. Options include a 15 minute relaxing head massage, a nourishing hand treatment or radiant express skin cleansing. Additionally, there is a treatment aptly named ‘unwind’ which includes meditation techniques, altitude oil and the release of tension from scalp and feet pressure points. Some Clubhouse Spa locations also offer nail filing and buffing, dry hair-styling or beard trimming as complimentary treatments.

All complimentary treatments last 15-minutes. Other treatments range from hot stone massages to Thai foot treatments and whole body wellbeing packages. Larger Clubhouse Spa locations also offer waxing, pedicures or Shellac. Most treatments are 30 minutes or less and are available on a first come first serve basis. Those not eligible for complimentary spa treatments can enjoy any of the above from as little as £16. Alternatively, accrued Flying Club miles can be used to secure treatments.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Spa

Clubhouse Spa can be found at New York JFK (3.00pm-9.45pm), London Heathrow (6.30am-10pm) and London Gatwick (7.00am-12.30pm).

Treatments at British Airways ELEMIS Travel Spa

ELEMIS are the acclaimed luxury British skincare and wellness brand, an ideal partnership for the British flag carrier. At ELEMIS, treatments are unique for the on-the-go traveller, designed to refresh you for the journey ahead. Complimentary 15 minute treatments are available to customers travelling in First or Business. Executive Club Gold Members flying long-haul through Heathrow or JFK are also eligible. Appointments are to be made on the day when you arrive although First Class passengers may pre-book for Heathrow.

At ELEMIS you are able to enjoy 20-40 minute treatments such as the hand and arm massage for overworked limbs or a deeply relaxing scalp massage. Alternatively there is the leg and foot restore (exclusive to First Class) or an intelligent massage chair treatment. These treatments are all aimed at releasing tension and boosting circulation. The world’s first eye massager with mood light is also available. This is designed to relieve headaches, reduce insomnia, eyebags and travel related fatigue. Facials and hydrating skin treatments are also available.

ELEMIS spas can be found in the following locations.

  • London Heathrow British Airways arrival lounge – Terminal 5 – 6.00am to 2.00pm
  • London Heathrow British Airways departures lounge – Terminal 5 – 7.00am to 9.00pm
  • London Heathrow British Airways Galleries lounge – Terminal 5B – 7.00am to 9.00pm
  • London Heathrow British Airways departures lounge – Terminal 3 – 8.00am to 8.00pm
  • New York JFK British Airways lounge – Terminal 7 – 4.00pm to 10.00pm
British Airways Elemis Travel Spa

Treatments at Etihad’s Six Senses Spa

The Six Senses Spa at Etihad’s First and Business class lounge in Abu Dhabi offers an array of luxury treatments. From shoe-shining to a blow dry, a haircut, shave or French mani-pedi, you will be completely taken care of. First class passengers are also entitled to one of the many complimentary 15 minute spa treatments. Choices include a hand or foot massage, head massage or bamboo massage. All of which are aimed at releasing aches, pressures and stress.

Alternatively, you may wish to chose a ‘realignment’ or ‘back support’ massage. Both of these focus on muscle tensions and even include Yoga movements. Reiki is also on offer; an ancient healing method that promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Facial therapies can also be opted for. These focus on revitalising the eyes as well as gently cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

Etihad Six Senses Spa

First class Etihad passengers may use any Abu Dhabi Etihad lounge. Business class travellers have access to the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 lounge whilst economy travellers may pay a premium to start their trip in any of the lounges. Silver, Gold or Platinum Etihad Guest Tier members may access some lounges for free. The Six Senses Spa is in the Terminal 3 lounge and is open around the clock.

How Your Travel Corporate can help…

Travel can be taxing on the body. Feeling fresh and invigorated before a long flight makes the experience all the better. If you want to know more on airport lounges and how you can incorporate this into your travel we would love to hear from you. Our experienced business travel experts are on hand to offer advice, source you the very best fares and rates for your itinerary and even help you to book* wellness treatments with your next trip.

Give us a call today! 📞 0203 805 4599 📧

*If eligible with the airline and your ticket type or with any frequent flyer programme.

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Spa Treatments at Airport Lounges

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